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In 1959 a logging company was founded in the city of Dois Irmãos in Rio Grande do Sul, with a sawmill in the then district of Santa Maria do Herval. Since then, many years of history, learning and achievements have passed, always having the same solid foundation: its values and principles, believing in the strength of work, ethics, the will to grow and respect for people and the environment.

The Herval Group
Herval Furniture and Mattresses

Herval Furniture and Mattresses

A little of our history

Herval Móveis e Colchões started its activities in the 70's as an upholstery factory, and today it is a large furniture industry that manufactures living and dining room, bedroom and mattress lines. What defines its furniture is its bold design and functionality, while the mattresses are made with health, comfort and good sleep in mind. Today, the furniture lines are divided into upholstery, upholstered accessories, motion line, wood and wood accessories. Herval mattresses are divided into two lines: foams and springs. All Herval products are designed and produced with quality, comfort and design constantly evolving in technology and respect for the environment. In the foam line, the mattress can be purchased according to the density that best suits your body type. In the springs line, there are options in: bonnel springs, bagged, Maxspring, ConforClass, LFK and double soft - Maxspring + Bagged.

Parque fabril de Novo Hamburgo

Conheça a Móveis Édez

Parque fabril de Novo Hamburgo
Northeast Manufacturing Park

Northeast Manufacturing Park

Meet the Pernambuco Unit

Inaugurated on June 2, 2016, the new Herval plant in Pernambuco, is located in the city of Bezerros, 100km from the capital Recife. In a 250,000 m² plot of land, with 35,000 m² of built area, the complex was designed with state-of-the-art technology and the most modern equipment and machinery imported from several countries in the world, having the necessary attributes for the Manufacturing excellent products, always striving for sustainability, comfort and well-being. The unit in Bezerros is supplying the North and Northeast regions in the supply of Herval Mattresses, Furniture and Upholstery, as well as H Chemistry products, giving priority to the commitment to quality and good service to its clients and partners from North to South of the country.


Group Scope

See below the diversity of Herval Group:


HS Consórcios, HS Seguros, HS Financeira e H Lar Construções


Herval Móveis e Colchões, H Química, Móveis Édez, Uultis


Uultis/Herval Store, Outlet Herval Móveis e Colchões


Lojas TaQi, Lojas iPlace


Atacado taQi, HT Solutions, iPlace Educacional, iPlace Corporativo





Herval Móveis Corporativos has expertise in the so-called institutional market, which is made up of public and private companies, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. Everything a business value can do for another.